The Top 5 Safest Cars of 2024

The landscape of car safety has shifted significantly in recent years, particularly with the toughened safety tests introduced in 2023. These enhancements, initiated by the European New Car Assessment Programme (EuroNCAP), have raised the bar for new car models striving to attain the prestigious five-star safety rating. The adjustments include more rigorous evaluations to assess a vehicle's ability to detect and evade collisions with vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians, in complex scenarios like turning at junctions or crossing paths with oncoming vehicles. Additionally, new night-time tests of active safety systems have been incorporated, alongside requirements for driver monitoring systems to combat drowsiness or inattention, warning systems to prevent collisions with cyclists when opening doors, emergency systems for submersion incidents, and in-car alerts for child presence detection.

In the midst of these evolving standards, which cars have emerged as the safest options? Let's delve into the top contenders:

  1. Volkswagen ID 7: This electric executive car has claimed the spotlight as the safest model tested under EuroNCAP's latest criteria. With stellar ratings across various safety parameters, including adult and child occupant protection, pedestrian safety, and safety assistance systems, the ID 7 stands out for its comprehensive safety features. Notably, its pop-up bonnet aids in mitigating injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision.


2. NIO ET5: Positioned alongside the ID 7, the NIO ET5 showcases exceptional adult occupant protection, making it a standout choice in the realm of electric executive vehicles. With robust safety assist features, including advanced emergency braking systems responsive to vulnerable road users, the ET5 promises a secure driving experience.

3. Smart #3: The Smart #3 distinguishes itself with its well-rounded safety performance, scoring high marks across various safety metrics. Boasting advanced safety assistance systems and effective collision avoidance capabilities, the Smart #3 ensures both in-car and external safety in diverse driving scenarios.

  1. Mercedes EQE: As a refined and long-range electric car, the EQE earns commendation for its strong safety performance. Noteworthy is its exemplary child occupant protection, augmented by innovative safety features like automatic front passenger airbag deactivation and pedestrian detection capabilities.
  1. BYD Dolphin: The BYD Dolphin emerges as a compelling choice for safety-conscious drivers, offering robust protection for occupants and pedestrians alike. With its advanced automatic emergency braking system and cyclist-aware door opening prevention feature, the Dolphin prioritizes safety across the board.

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