What is the average annual mileage driven in the UK?

The Driving Landscape in the UK: Insights for Choosing Your Vehicle Lease

The United Kingdom is renowned for its extensive road networks, scenic countryside drives, and bustling urban environments. With over 66 million people relying on personal transportation, understanding annual driving patterns is essential, especially when selecting a vehicle lease.

Understanding Average Annual Mileage in the UK

Recent statistics indicate that the average annual mileage for vehicles in the UK is approximately 7,400 miles. However, this figure is influenced by various factors such as location, age, lifestyle, and vehicle type. Let's explore these elements to provide a clearer picture.

City vs. Rural Driving: City residents typically drive fewer miles than those in rural areas. Cities offer public transport options, nearby amenities, and often face congestion, leading to reduced car usage. Amongst these options also now include the growing costs and locations of ULEZ zones. Conversely, people out of city's depend more on their vehicles due to longer distances to services and workplaces.

Age Factors: Age significantly impacts driving habits. Younger drivers, particularly those aged 17-25, generally drive less, partly due to higher insurance costs, (check out the most cost effective car insurance options for young drivers in the new story below) and alternative transportation options. In contrast, individuals in their 30s and 40s often drive more, balancing careers and family responsibilities.

Lifestyle and Occupation: A person’s job and lifestyle heavily influence their annual mileage. Professionals with long commutes or those who travel frequently for work add more miles. Similarly, enthusiasts of road trips or driving-intensive hobbies also contribute to higher mileage figures.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: The increasing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles is gradually altering average mileage statistics. While these vehicles boast excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions, their range per charge is usually less than traditional vehicles, potentially reducing overall annual mileage as more people adopt them.

High Mileage Drivers

While the national average is around 7,400 miles annually, some individuals exceed this due to specific needs. For instance, a commuter traveling 25 miles to work covers 50 miles daily. Over a typical five-day workweek, this totals 250 miles solely for commuting, amounting to about 13,000 miles annually, excluding personal travel.

Similarly, families often accumulate higher mileage. Regular school runs, weekend outings, and various family activities significantly add to the yearly total, on top of any work-related driving.

Choosing the Right Mileage for Your Lease

At Advanced Vehicle Contracts, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. That's why we offer a wide range of leasing options, accommodating annual mileages from as low as 5,000 to as high as 30,000 miles. If you find yourself driving above the national average, consider our high-mileage lease deals, perfect for ensuring you stay within your mileage limits without worry.


In the dynamic world of transportation, average annual mileage in the UK reveals much about driving behaviours. While the current average is around 7,400 miles, various factors influence this figure. As advancements in vehicle technology and changes in lifestyle continue to evolve, we can expect shifts in these patterns. At Advanced Vehicle Contracts, we’re here to help you navigate these changes, offering flexible lease options tailored to your driving needs. So, whether you're exploring urban landscapes or embarking on countryside adventures, we've got the perfect vehicle and mileage plan for you.