Poor credit leasing

At Advanced Vehicle Contracts we specialise in offering credit and vehicle solutions regardless of your credit type. Our dedicated panel of lenders will use every avenue possible to find a solution. If you have a vehicle choice in mind please get in touch with the team to see how we can help get you in that vehicle as soon as possible!

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How Does Bad Credit Leasing Work?

Our leasing options for individuals with less-than-ideal credit operate just like those for individuals with excellent credit. You select your vehicle, establish your leasing term—typically ranging from 48 to 60 months with a specialised lender for low credit—finalise your transaction, and then start enjoying your new vehicle. It's as straightforward as that.

Is a Credit Check Mandatory?

All reputable car leasing companies will conduct a credit evaluation before approving your lease application. At Advanced Vehicle Contracts we welcome numerous applicants with poor credit each month and collaborate with lenders to establish manageable monthly payment plans. 

What Criteria Do Lenders Assess?

When considering your car financing application, lenders scrutinize your credit score. This score reflects the level of risk they undertake when extending any form of financing, including car leases. A positive repayment history generally translates to a favourable credit record, resulting in a higher credit score.

Distinguishing Good from Bad Credit Leasing Lenders perceive greater risk when financing individuals with poor credit compared to those with good credit. Consequently, interest rates are typically higher, and a deposit might be requested to mitigate the risk of payment defaults.

Frequently Asked Questions on Poor Credit Leasing?

Of course, we regularly find finance solutions for people and businesses with varying credit strengths.

Lenders will have to do a credit check so that they can be sure you are able to afford the re-payments. Whilst it can be daunting our funders consider people and businesses from all credit backgrounds.

As long as all payments are made in full and on time leasing is a good way to improve your credit score, as it proves to lenders you can be trusted to make repayments.