Pay as you go Vehicle Maintenance

We have teamed up with our friends at CLM to offer a pay as you go maintenance product, this is aimed to help people who have a vehicle without a maintenance contract irrespective of the vehicle age. With access to over 7,000 garages and tyre agents across the UK, we are able to manage your maintenance or repair case making sure you are receiving the most competitive pricing and also checking garages feedback on repairs to ensure you are only being charged for work that really needs to be completed.


Why Choose Pay as you go Maintenance?

  • Avoid paying high maintenance costs on a vehicle that needs little to no maintenance
  • Only pay for the fleet maintenance services you actually need

  • No monthly fixed fee

  • Paying only for what you need can lead to considerable savings.

  • All work is approved by our team of trained technicians to ensure no unnecessary work is carried out.
  • Vehicle collection and delivery (where available)

  •  We’ve got people on your side: Our team of engineers scrutinises every job and keeps the garage on their toes, making sure vehicles and drivers are back on the road quickly. We will never allow a garage to start any work without us first approving the work and the costs.

Why has Pay as you go Maintenance become increasingly critical for businesses?

Due to ongoing supply and production issues, many companies are struggling to upgrade their fleet vehicles, leading to extended leases beyond the typical 3 or 4 years.

While lease extensions are possible, many leasing companies are not extending maintenance contracts into the fourth or fifth year. This leaves customers facing increasing maintenance costs for high-mileage, aging vehicles.

Service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) costs for vehicles over four years old are rising. Research by fleet software firm Epyx found that SMR spend increased from 28% in 2018 to 43% in 2022. Additionally, the average SMR invoice for vehicles over four years old is 24% higher than for newer vehicles.

This creates a challenge for companies to maintain their fleet without the stability of a fixed monthly maintenance cost.

With the supply situation unlikely to improve soon and more initial contracts ending, it's crucial for fleet customers to find a cost-effective vehicle maintenance solution.

If you want to book your vehicle in locally for a service or repair using CLM'S experts as an angel on your shoulder, and to manage the booking from start to finish...

What our customers say...

Zoe Charlie
I would recommend anyone to use Advanced Vehicle Contracts. The team were really helpful all the way through from start to finish and answered any queries I had, it was very straight forward and I had my car delivered very quickly.
Thanks again, I couldn’t be happier!
Leased a Cupra Formentor
Naime Torgut Never Fail to Deliver

I have been dealing with Steve and Trevor for a long time now and they never fail to deliver - I absolutely love my new car and I hardly had to think for myself - they have done everything for me and been a pleasure to deal with. Love the added extras like the matts in my car too!

Leased a Porsche Macan
Stuart Parker Great Discount on new vehicle
5 stars

AVC was a company advertised through my social club at work .
In June 2021 I decided to make some enquiries. This company provided me with a very competitive quote with good discount . I decided on a cupra Leon 300 tsi .
Although the vehicle took over 6 months to arrive this was due to the world wide issues of microchips and nothing to do with the company .
All of the sales guys kept me in the loop and really chased the manufacturer on my behalf regularly .
Really pleased to have done the deal with these guys .
Thanks .

Leased a Cupra Leon
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