The department for transport has announced new plans to attack the plague of pot holes around the UK .

In recent years, the number of pot holes on UK roads has become a serious problem. Not only are they dangerous for drivers, but they also affect the quality of road travel for everyone else.

As part of the new performance-based inspection regime, utility companies will be held to account for their road works and they will have to ensure that their road networks meet strict standards and not leave poor quality road surfaces in their wake .

The proposals announced yesterday are the latest phase of an ongoing government programme to improve and maintain local roads. And they are designed to incentivise utility companies to leave roads in a good condition once works have been completed.

Potholes have a huge affect on vehicles causing more regular tyre changes and suspension issues. Potentially more catastrophically is the affect they have on motor bikes and cyclists as potholes are increasingly becoming the main attributer to serious personal injury and fatalities to these vulnerable road users. The government are hoping that this crackdown on poorly kept roads will help improve the driving experience along with the safety.