Is now the right time to switch to Electric?

Electric or not, this is a tough question to answer. It is an interesting question to put into a search engine like Google as you will find many opinions and useful facts, but ultimately you have to decide. Where we can help is by listening carefully to your current circumstances and future requirements and then by using our expertise we can help you decide the most appropriate course of action for electic vehicle leasing.

Some of the interesting facts and context to help you consider are outlined below.

  • Electric cars tend to cost more to buy than their petrol or diesel equivalent.
  • As a result leasing is often an attractive option as often the overall costs can look comparably very favourable.
  • Some argue that Electric vehicles, as well as having a lower 'fuel' cost per mile, are also cheaper to run and more reliable as there are less moving parts, than a comparable combustion engine or hybrid.
  • Many of the electric cars on offer now have significant range, often in excess of 250 miles, meaning that they are no longer only ok for shorter journeys or commutes.
  • At the same time only Tesla currently has an extensive network of fast chargers and you cannot charge other Electric cars on a Tesla charger, so longer journeys can take a little planning - but there is lots of help out there.
  • Charging a car at home via a 240v socket will probably take too long to be effective, so you will need access to a charger, ideally at home or at work.
  • The government recently reduced the grant based incentives that supported the adoption of electric.
  • If you are travelling into London, fully electric cars are and are likely to remain congestion charge exempt, but remember to register!
  • The expansion of the Ultra low emission zones (ULEZ) in cities like Brimingham and London (plus Bristol, Manchester and Newcastle to follow) mean that you will in all likelihood be exempt from the charges if you have an electric car. And the charges are not cheap, for example £8 per day for a typical petrol car in Birmingham.

So in short Electric is certainly worthy of careful consideration and may not cost anything like as much as you expect, we have fully electric cars available for less than £300 / month and Tesla's at around £557 / month. Get in touch and we will find you the ideal leasing solution.