DPD Trialling Van Charging Solution

DPD, the parcel delivery company, is about to embark on a trial that could be a game-changer for van drivers who can't charge their vehicles at home overnight. Say hello to the OnCharge Zir0 prototype charging system!

Here's how it works: at DPD's eco-depot in Bicester, they'll be testing out this nifty concept. Van drivers will have the opportunity to take home a powerbank overnight. This powerbank, known as the OnCharge Zir0, is no ordinary gizmo. It packs a real operating capacity of 50kWh, meaning it can fully charge a vehicle to 100% by the time the driver's workday kicks off the next morning. Pretty impressive, right?

Olly Craughan, DPD's head of sustainability, couldn't be more thrilled about this collaboration with OnCharge. He's eager to see how this system performs in the real world and the impact it can have on their hardworking drivers. This trial will allow both DPD and OnCharge to gain valuable insights into how the powerbank functions under various circumstances. It's also a fantastic opportunity for DPD's transport and sustainability teams to explore how this innovative powerbank model can enhance their investment in electric vehicles and on-site renewable generation. Talk about a win-win situation!

You may be wondering why charging electric vans overnight is such a big deal. Well, it's the most productive time to do so, as it minimizes any unnecessary downtime. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of fleet van drivers are unable to charge their vehicles overnight. That's where the OnCharge powerbank swoops in to save the day. By offering a take-home solution, it could revolutionize commercial electric vehicle fleet management and motivate more drivers to make the switch to EVs.

DPD is on a mission to become the UK's most sustainable parcel delivery company. They're making great progress too! By the end of this year, they'll have over 4,000 electric vehicles zipping along the roads, delivering packages to 30 towns and cities exclusively using EVs. Impressive stuff!

During the trial, the OnCharge and DPD engineers will be collecting field data and closely reviewing driver feedback. This hands-on approach will help them fine-tune the system and make any necessary improvements. DPD's Bicester eco-depot, known for its commitment to sustainability, will also play a significant role in this trial. The trial will shed light on how the powerbank integrates with the depot's on-site solar panel array. The possibilities are looking brighter than ever!

This trial is part of OnCharge Energy's Field Test and Development programme and marks a crucial step towards bringing this cutting-edge technology to a wider customer base. The aim is to scale up customer production by late 2023, so we won't have to wait too long to see the full potential of this game-changing charging system.

So, watch this space, folks! DPD and OnCharge Energy are teaming up to revolutionize the way van drivers charge their vehicles. With the OnCharge Zir0 powerbank, the future of electric fleet management is looking brighter than ever. Let's raise a toast to sustainable delivery solutions and a greener future!