Businesses to benefit from extension to plug-in van and truck grants

• Plug-in van and truck grants extended for 2 years as government goes further and faster to decarbonise transport 
• Drivers with standard licenses can continue driving electric goods vans at a higher weight limit, making it easier for businesses to make the switch
• Comes ahead of 2030 phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars and vans as part of net zero commitment

Businesses will be supported to make the switch to electric as the government commits to a 2-year extension of plug-in van and truck grants. 

The move is expected to support the purchase of tens of thousands of greener vans and trucks, and will help make the UK less reliant on imports of foreign oil, improving the security of our energy supply and reducing our vulnerability to volatility in global energy prices.

Last year, industry figures showed the UK had the highest number of plug-in electric vans sold in Europe and there were around 4 times as many grant applications compared to 2020.

Existing grants have supported the purchase of more than 26,000 electric vans and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) across the UK since the programme launched in 2012. 

With nearly 5% of the UK’s CO2 emissions currently coming from vans, the 2-year extension to these grants and the switch to greener vehicles is essential to support the government’s climate change and air quality commitments.