Poor credit leasing

At Advanced Vehicle Contracts we specialise in offering credit and vehicle solutions regardless of your credit type. Our dedicated panel of lenders will use every avenue possible to find a solution.

How to apply for Bad Credit Car Finance

Please note that due to the regulation of the FCA - Financial conduct authority all customers must be assessed individually in terms of affordability and sensible borrowing. Whilst it is possible to get an applicant through with previous County court judgements, defaults and late payments these must be historical with either a settled judgement or current repayment plan in place. All customers will undergo a credit check, with the credit rating available to the funder. This will ensure that the leasing company has all information available to them, to be able to consider any bad credit car lease. Bad credit car leasing is available, so long as you currently meet their lending criteria.

Any customers involved in an IVA must already have an agreed amount for a car payment already included in their plan otherwise the application can not be considered. Please ensure you type Poor credit into the comment field of your online application to ensure your application is sent to the right funder to avoid unnecessary delays.

Poor Credit Car Lease on Nearly New Cars

As sub-prime lenders do not receive the additional manufacturers support, bonus payments or rebates that main stream lenders attract, by considering a VAT qualifying used, pre-registered or ex-demonstrator vehicle instead of a brand new car, this can help to reduce your monthly repayment. We have created a list of example vehicles below, to offer an indication of the likely rate taking into account the risk element involved. Once we have an approval in place we can help source the right vehicle for you. With over 90% of applicants accepted, we're confident that we can help to source your next vehicle.

Supporting Documents required for Poor Credit Score Car Leasing

At point of application we require the following supporting documents in addition to your completed application form, copy driving licence in current address, copy utility bill dated within the last 90 days at current home address and 3 months full bank statements showing all transactions and not just summary pages. Please e-mail these to sales@avcgb.co.uk to support your online application, these bank statements should show a positive balance where the expenditure does not exceed the income and with regular payments and credits entering the account.

How Poor Credit Car Finance works

Whilst you can select the initial payment, unless your circumstances have dramatically changed since your last default or CCJ, it's likely that the finance company will require at least an initial payment amount equivalent to 3 months rentals. You can select the contract length and annual mileage. They'll assess your affordability based on the bank statements and wage slips provided. They'll advise a car size, purchase amount and monthly fixed cost that they'll be willing to borrow up to. We'll then look towards our suppliers to match the acceptance criteria with a nearly new or brand new vehicle.

During your Poor Credit Car Lease Agreement

Unless you select a maintenance package, you will be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle in line with manufacturers guidelines. The registration date of the vehicle will be advised to you, so that you know how much of the manufacturers warranty is remaining. Some manufacturers will include breakdown recovery for a period of time with their warranty. We'd advise you to consult the manufacturers website for further information.

Future Car Leasing Agreements in the UK

As with all credit agreements, the way you handle this account will be recorded on your credit profile. We'd hope that during your lease the on time payments would help to restore your credit score, so at the end of the lease you're able to take out a new prime lending lease agreement on your perfect car, instead of having to explore the bad credit lease vehicle route again. It's unrealistic to think that you'd have perfect credit at the end of the lease, but by the end of the contract, we'd expect you to have a wide range of funding options available to you. We can offer used car lease deals to poor credit lease customers so long as the vehicle is VAT qualifying at time of purchase. Whilst we'd love to say that cheap car finance for poor credit history is available, you will be charged a higher rental due to the additional lending risk involved. The lease company will not lend outside of your affordability.