In a world hit by a global pandemic and doing what can only be described as the hokey kokey (in, out, in, out, shake it all about), how can you buy a car and have it delivered? Showrooms are closed, staff are on furlough, you’re working from home, home-schooling and still trying to stay on top of daily life; so, where does a new car come into this and how can you get one?

The simple answer: easily

In a world where everything is done online, it’s no wonder that car sales have gone digital too. For many of us, we just don’t have the time to scroll through dozens of websites trying to find the right car, at the right price and then having to rearrange your life to pick up your new car after purchase.

Luckily, it’s what the team at Advanced Vehicle Contracts does. We take all the stress and pressure out of buying a new car, leaving only the fun part- getting your new car and it’s all done with just a dial of a phone number.

It’s a simple process, we start by getting to know you, your requirements and exactly what you’re looking for in a new car and your budget. We then give you time to relax while we search for the perfect car that ticks all your boxes. It doesn’t just end there; we will find you the perfect price for the vehicle you want too- we spend time gathering the best deals on a huge range of cars so you don’t have to.

So, then there is the matter of actually getting your hands on your new car- sometimes collecting your new car can be as difficult as finding your new car, but not with AVC- we arrange for your new car to be delivered directly to you, so it’s sat on your drive, ready and waiting for you to take it out for the first time.

From start to finish the entire process with AVC is completely contactless, which at the moment, is a high priority on everyone’s list to keep everyone safe.

So whether you know what vehicle you want, what your budget is, if it’s for personal use or a business lease, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered at AVC.

Q: How do you buy a new car online and have it delivered?

A: With Advanced Vehicle Contracts


Contact today on 01926 422333 or email and one of the team will help you get started.