Customer service isn’t just our job, it’s our mantra, we focus all our efforts on finding you the right solution when buying your new car; that’s why we’ve created this list of top tips when buying a new car, whether it’s with us or you’re choosing to go it alone.


If buying a new car is overwhelming for you, or if you just prefer the ease of having someone else take over, this is where we come in, it’s what we do! We work with you to learn your requirements and budget, we take these on and find your perfect car and the perfect deal to go alongside! We handle everything for you from order to delivery and maintenance to part-exchange, ensuring that you get the best price when buying your new car- we’ve shopped around to find the best deals so you don’t have to!




The first step in choosing a new car should always be deciding how much you’re willing to spend. This makes it easy to rule out cars that don’t fit the budget and don’t forget about ongoing costs such as insurance, road tax and routine maintenance- these can make all the difference when deciding how much you can afford.


If you’re likely to use any kind of credit- Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase Agreement (HP), a personal loan or credit card payment or Contact Hire, (we have an interactive diagram on our homepage of all the different credit options and what they are) you’ll need to know exactly how much you can afford to repay each month and whether you’re likely to be accepted.


  1. WHAT ARE YOUR REQUIREMENTS?Top Tips For Buying A New Car.

It’s easy to think of your perfect car, but what makes it perfect is whether it ticks off all the boxes of ‘needs’ when it comes to a new car. You may find that the car you want and the car you need aren’t necessarily the same thing.


Think about what you will use the car for, do you have a family, will your mileage be high, is it a company fleet vehicle, is it large enough for a self-employed plumber? All these requirements should be used to decide when deciding which car is best for you. Take these requirements and create a list of priorities to keep with you when looking at new cars, this will make it easier to not get sidetracked by a car that doesn’t fit your requirements.



Once you’ve decided on your requirements it’s now time to decide on your new vehicle. The best thing to do is to start shopping – have a look around, take note of the different prices, specifications, models and optional extras. It can be overwhelming, but keep a straight head and work out what is the best option for you. Don’t just go to one dealership, visit a few or look online to make sense of what the average price is and where offers the best deals.


Make sure you’re keeping your list of priorities/requirements in mind when looking at new cars, you might like the look of that Fiat 500 convertible, but does it fit a car seat? How about that Electric Range Rover Evoque…but what about that huge mileage you do each day?



Right, so you’ve chosen your perfect car, but where do you buy from? While some people might feel comfortable heading to the nearest dealership, it’s not always feasible (especially during a world-wide pandemic). In this day and age you can buy everything over the internet, new cars included! There are a number of websites that enable you to purchase a car online or even over the phone once you’ve found the perfect vehicle.


If you choose to go to a dealership, it’s always wise to gather quotes from other places to take with you- most will match or beat the price to get you to buy from them. Don’t just take the price on the sticker, use this as a starting point to negotiate to get the best deal you can.



So you’ve made it to the final hurdle; you’ve set your budget, made a list of requirements, found your perfect car, bought your new vehicle, but now what will you do with your current car?


Most people will scrap them after a breakdown or failed MOT, but this should only be a last resort. You can sell cars for scrap or parts if they need to be off the road. Other options include private selling online/locally, part-exchange (trade-in your old car as a deposit or cash off a new car price) Finally, there is also some websites that will take your car off you for free and donate the money to charity!